Rapport fra Tartu Marathon

Søndag den 20. februar deltog vores “udsendte” Henri Ruul  i Tartu Marathon. Taget i betragtning, at Henri ikke har haft de mest optimale forhold for langrendstræning under sit studieophold her i Århus, blev det til en fornem placering som nr. 106 af ca. 6000 deltagere. Tillykke til Henri med et fine resultat.

Læs her Henri´s egen rapport fra løbet:
Yeah Tartu Marathon took place last Sunday on 20 Februar. The track was wonderful. About 6000 participants finished the race. 1500 participants didn’t participant or didn’t finished due to the cold weather. 2 hours before the start thermometer showed -27 degree. Was a cold day, but in the afternoon, when sun shone, was so beautiful. I trained 180 km before the marathon (last season I trained about 1500km before the race). I knew very well that my condition is not so good, but I was ready to enjoy the race. The first 15km I worked hard, but then I realized that I can’t get good place in this competition. My skis worked held well. My soul longs to win, but I couldn’t do it. After the 3 hours and 15 minutes I finished the race. I wasn’t disappointed, but I knew that I can be much better. I got 106th place (46th Estonian). At the moment I’m too motivated to train more and more and get better. I participated 3 days after the marathon in the other competition and I have to admit that my shape is getting better- I got 2th. place. I’m looking forward to the next competitions, where I can hunt for the victory.

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